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inspiration Hanami in Groningen

Posted by Jeroen | 3 mei 2016

160503-gorechtkade.bloesem-eCelebrate Spring at Batsu

The blooming period of Japan’s beloved sakura (cherry blossoms) is mostly end of March when the Japanese celebrate spring with hanami – cherry-blossom viewing- under the trees. Almost a month later cherry blossoms bloom in Groningen and streets are wrapped up in pink. But we seem to take it for granted and hey this is not Japan. But for those who do feel a bit of celebrating spring and Japanese culture: head over to one of the best shops in the city: Batsu. This unique shop is now filled with beautiful Japanese wrapping cloth a.k.a Furoshiki. Use it to wrap everything: gifts, your lunchbox, or as a hand bag, or for your shopping and say sayonara to plastic bags.

Furoshiki bag rings to spice up your bag ↑160429-Batsu.furoshiki.book-e
The Furoshiki Handbook ↑

  • adress
    Pottebakkersrijge 4
    9718 AE Groningen
  • mobile: 06-47320056
  • website: batsu.nl
    facebook: /Pottebakkersrijge
  • hours: wed-fri 12.00 – 18.00 & sat: 11.00 – 17.00
  • cash only
    wrapping paper available

meet the locals Rina from Osaka

Posted by Jeroen | 29 februari 2016

Unfortunately we never met international student Rina, from Osaka, Japan. She studied for 5 months at Hanze University of Applied Sciences, at the School of Communication, Media & IT. Coincidentally we read about her (food) adventures in Groningen via her twitter account: @rinauji. We really enjoyed her witty stories and photos and Rina was so kind to share with us this blog. An even more expanded story can be read back into our first Storify.
– photo’s © Rina Yasuoka -



Please introduce yourself!
My name is Rina Yasuoka. I had studied at Hanze University for five months from August 2015 to the end of January this year. I live in the City of Osaka, Japan. I’m a university student, twenty years old next month, in March. I like drawing pictures, and am interested in design and art, particularly, Dutch design and the creativity of Dutch people. That’s why I decided to study in the Netherlands.

安岡里菜です。2015年の8月から今年の1月末までの5か月間Hanze Universityに留学していました。日本の大阪という街に住んでいます。来月の3月で20歳になる大学生です。
私は絵を描くことが好きで、デザインやアートに興味がありDutch designなどに惹かれ、オランダのクリエイティブなところに魅力を感じ、オランダへ留学したいと思いこちらへ留学することを決めました。

Getting local: the ‘Eierbal’                                              Arriving in Groningen end of August 2015. 

How did you spend your free time?
Groningen is a very attractive city, and I fully enjoyed the city during the five months. The streets are lined with beautiful buildings and full of cool shops, so I liked strolling around the city when I was free.
I was surprised to see that there are also many chic cafés in Groningen! Every shop cares about details, and shopkeepers are kind, so I’ve come to like this city quickly. My hobby is taking pictures; since ordinary views are picturesque, I enjoyed walking around the city with a camera everyday.



Check also our Storify about Rina here: Food Adventures from an International Student

↑ Rina discovers the stroopwafel, and the best fries in Groningen (De Belg Waterloo, at the market)
↓ Tosti for breakfast at Bakkerij Blanche

↑Romantic Groningen at nightRinauji-wereldburgers-e-2Rina ♥ Wereldburgers

Will you be back?
Now that I’ve returned to Japan, I already miss the life in Groningen. I love Groningen, which is full of something tasty and chic. I want to visit this city again someday in the future. It was really fortunate that I studied in this city. Dank u wel.



Thanks Rina, we will miss you too!

inspiration Eurosonic Guide

Posted by Jeroen | 12 januari 2014

Hello Eurosonic visitors, here’s our shortlist for some fun days in Groningen!

Eurosonic hipsters from Paris in 201320140113-180020.jpg
Eurosonic hipster from Gothenburg in 2013

Before we start did you know these facts about our little Metropolis?

1. According to Europeish Groningen holds the number 3 spot of most beautiful Train Stations in Europe. And yes, the best hotel and most gorgeous bar in The Netherlands are situated here, that’s Prinsenhof Hotel and Mr. Mofongo.
2. Groningen is the G-spot of Bicycle Culture. We bike more than anywhere
in the world. Bike rental at the station.

3. Groningen is an Architectural Paradise. The Groninger Museum, Rem Koolhaas, Toyo Ito, the list goes on and on.

Destination Groningen: here we go:

Around Central Station, Folkingestraat and Oude Kijk in’t Jatstraat

Bruna | Stationsplein 23 (around the platforms)| International Press and postal services (stamps)
Starbucks Groningen
Starbucks | Stationsplein 3 | Coffee in a Grand Decorum
Groninger Museum | Museumeiland 1 | Watercolours by American shockrocker Marilyn Manson and large solo by Jaime Hayon.
Toet | Gedempte Zuiderdiep 85 | Cakes and Deserts plus Slow Coffee and High Tea
Ariola Delicatessen | Folkingestraat 54 | Italian deli.
Puur! Natural Food | Folkingestraat 13 | Lunch & Coffee.
Klinkhamer | Folkingestraat 50 | Antiques, Curiosities and Vinyl.
Barrel Wijn | Haddingestraat 27 | Wine Bar.
Zinnebeeld | Pelsterstraat 14 | Second hand Comic Books, Books and Records.

Swingmaster | Pelsterstraat 20 | Jazz & Blues recordstore
Hanasato | Gedempte Zuiderdiep 55 | Japanese Restaurant.
PS Rollip
PS Koffie | Oude Kijk in’t Jatstraat 24 | Coffee and Cake | Check our blogpost here.

Black & Bloom | Oude Kijk in’t Jatstraat 32 | Specialty Coffee | Check our blogpost here.

De Soepwinkel | Oude Kijk in’t Jatstraat 12 | Soup! Every day four different soups to choose from

De Stadsakker | Oude Kijk in’t Jatstraat 38 | Urban Gardening and Green shop. Check our blogpost here.
| Oude Kijk in’t Jatstraat 40 | Board Games.
Uurwerker Rollip
De Uurwerker | Uurwerkersgang 24 | Coffee & Pizza

De Pintelier | Kleine Kromme Elleboog 9 | Belgian Beer Cafe.
Brussels Lof | A-Kerkstraat 24 | Vegetarian and Fish Restaurant.
Cafe Mulder | Grote Kromme Elleboog 22 | Cafe.
Wolthoorn & Co | Turftorenstraat 6 | Cafe and Bar.

Around Zwanestraat and Oude Boteringestraat

Magpie | Zwanestraat 29 | Conceptstore and Coffee.
Het Bakkerscafe | Zwanestraat 26 | Breakfast, Lunch and Coffee.
Mr. Mofongo | Oude Boteringestraat 26 | Grand Cafe, Restaurant and Coctailbar (with Robot Arm!).

Around A-Kerkhof, Brugstraat and A-straat

Wereldburgers | A-Kerkhof 43 | Burger Restaurant.
Nul 50 | Brugstraat 3 | Interior Design Shop.
Doppio Espresso | Brugstraat 6 | Coffee.
Moustache client blond
Moustache Barbershop | A-straat 3 | Check our blogpost here.

Fishmarket | A-straat 6 | Fish and Sushi.
De Roemer | A-straat 13 | Liquor store
Batsu | Pottenbakkersrijge 4 | Japanese giftshop | Check our blogpost here.

De Barbershop | Westersingel 9 | Cuts and shaves in an old school setting

Around Oude Ebbingestraat and Nieuwe Ebbingestraat

Ebb18 | Oude Ebbingestraat 18 | For a pair of jeans.
Coffee Company | Oude Ebbingestraat 19 | Coffee and workspace.
Plato | Oude Ebbingestraat 41 | CD’s and DVD’s.
Grammofoonhuis Het Carillion | Oude Ebbingestraat 64 | CD’s and DVD’s.

Goud Heerlijk | Nieuwe Ebbingestraat 22 | Lunch and Coffee. Check our blogpost here.

De Letterbak | Nieuwe Ebbingestraat 33 | Good sellection of international magazine’s.
Purperen Draak | Nieuwe Ebbingestraat 83 | Games and Fantasy shop
De Kleine Moghul | Nieuwe Boteringestraat 62 | Indian cuisine (cash only!) also take away.
Flinders | Kruissingel 1 (Noorderplantsoen) | From Breakfast till Diner.
Eetcafe Lambik | Grote Kruisstraat 73 | Every evening two meals to choose from, including vegetarian.
House of Spice | Turfsingel 18 | Restaurant.

Around Poelestraat, Nieuwe Weg and Steentilstraat

Nieuwe Weg
De Nieuwe Weg | Nieuweweg 5 | Organic supermarket.

Lokaal Ambrosius | Nieuweweg 20a | Organic restaurant.
Mona Lisa | Schuitendiep 64 | Vintage and Broccante. Check our blogpost here.
Het Concerthuis | Poelestraat 30 | Lunch and Diner.
De Jongens van Hemmes | Steentilstraat 10 | CD’s and Vinyl.
De Groef | Steentilstraat 26 | Audio and Hifi specialist.
De Olijfboom | Steentilstraat 28 | Greek food. Takeaway, catering and restaurant.

Around Oosterstraat – Carolieweg and Gelkingestraat

Verroest | Kleine Peperstraat 8a | Industrial Vintage Design
Asbran | Kleine Peperstraat 10 | Toyshop, specialised in wooden toys

Elpee | Oosterstraat 24-1 | CD’s and Vinyl.

Optiek Magnifiek | Oosterstraat 6 | Designer Eyewear.
Galerie With Tjalling | Oosterstraat 26 | Art Gallery.
Forever Changes  | Oosterstraat 45 | Men’s Fashion.
De Kast | Oosterstraat 7a | Gaybar.
Stardust | Carolieweg 13 | Vintage, remade vintage and new fashion items.
Walnut mixstore | Carolieweg 26 | Concept store.
Sir Pete | Carolieweg 29 | Bikes and Stuff.
Coffee Campany | Carolieweg 33 | Coffee.

Cho Fah | Gelkingestraat 5 | Thai Restaurant.
Imono | Gelkingestraat 18 | Asian Restaurant.
Thai Jasmine | Gedempte Zuiderdiep 19 | Thai Restaurant.

Outside the City Centre

Vos Interieur | Laan Corpus den Hoorn 100 | Interior Walhalla.
Friet van Piet | Meeuwerderweg 112 | Best fries in town. Special Eurosonic Hamburger Menu based on local products!
Vjatka | Paterswoldseweg 90 | Russian specialties.
Amazing Oriental | Korreweg 51 | large Oriental Supermarket.