Made in Cuernavaca, Bea from Mexico

Posted by Jeroen | 22 april 2016


This is Beatriz

age: 30
from: Cuernavaca (500,000 inhabitants and nicknamed The City of the Eternal Spring), Mexico

in Groningen since: 25th of August 2013. I came to study my MA at Hanze University and now I am working there as a project coordinator, I love it!
on working: Uff…I am what they call a “workaholic”, always involved in several projects, professional and personal. Apart from work i’m also collaborating with a Catalan colleague on a series of scientific journals. And for my free time I love knitting and crocheting, cooking and I started planting some vegetables and fruits for the summer.
on staying: We will be here for at least another four more years because my husband has just started his PhD on Renewable Energies. But I hope we can stay longer than that. We’ll see.

bicycle: I have a beautiful Gazelle with Mexican saddle-bags.

on hospitality: Once you understand that Dutch are not rude but too direct, you’ll be fine. In the beginning it was a bit difficult to adjust to the Dutch culture. Here you have to do things by yourself, no one will help you unless it’s super necessary. So in the beginning that was a bit difficult, but you learn a lot and now I can move in Groningen without having to ask anyone for help.


place: My favourite place in Groningen is Wolddijk, my street with it’s own windmill, sheep, horses and cows. You can go on walks anytime and enjoy the silence of the countryside. Within the city my favourite place is Noorderplantsoen. Every time I go to city centre I go through the park, doesn’t matter if I have to bike more to go to my destination. Crossing Noorderplantsoen makes me smile anytime, any day, in any season of the year.
 For art-crafts and DIY projects I looove Søstrene Grene and Dille & Kamille. For yarn, I always go to Achterpand | Lage der A 1-1.They have a very good selection of yarns and the ladies let me practice my Dutch with them.
coffee: My favourite one is Bij Britta. The place is so nice and the cakes are delicious!
food shopping: Mainly Lidl. I find fruits and vegetables really good there and cheaper than in the market sometimes! For meat we go to the Gildehuus butcher and for chillies we go to the Vismarkt on Saturday. There is a very good online shop for Mexican chilies (and some vegetables): Westland Peppers, they’re are cheap and fresh.
eating out: My favorite is Roezemoes. I love the stamppot from there especially the boerenkool. I know some people don’t like it, I don’t understand why! It’s the perfect combination between salty, warm and sweet. I went there for my 30th birthday and will go back for the rest of my birthdays in Groningen.


from home: Tacos and my family. Specially the latter because we’ve mastered the art of cooking tacos in Groningen very well, so it is something we don’t miss that much now.
in Groningen: Restaurants! Good, different, international, restaurants.

Mexico in Groningen

Mexicans: Apparently Groningen has the biggest Mexican community from the Netherlands (per capita, of course). However I don’t know all of them, I am not interested in Mexicans, I am interested in human beings.
food: Regarding Cantina Mexicana and Four Roses: I’ve never been there. Some Mexican friends told me that they’re not that Mexican but more Tex-Mex so they saved me the disappointment. However I like trying new cuisines when I go out. Imagine living in a different country and keep eating only what you ate back home? Why did you leave then? Besides, my mum sends me every once in a while a parcel full with Mexican goodies. Every time one of those parcels arrives is like Christmas! So I don’t need to go out and pay for the real thing, my mum has me covered.


inspiration Odense, Denmark

Posted by Jeroen | 22 april 2016

Groningen and Odense are partner cities and have a lot in common.
We went for a short trip and loved this liveable cycling mini metropolis.
More exchanges please!




Independent cityguide featuring weekly events: This is Odense and regular Facebook posts in Danish.

Check the article in The Guardian


for Coffee: Nelle’s

negerzoenenBakery café: Lagkagehuset: bread, lunch, coffee and Lakritz Flødeboller

Bold murals: including two distinctive marks on the grain silo on Odense Harbour by Belgian (Ghent) artist ROA.

“Denmark’s third-largest city has transformed its prospects by making itself a desirable place to live and invest. At the heart of this change is an extraordinary commitment to getting the whole city cycling”

THE BRIDGE. A true icon, this car-free bridge connects the city center to the harbourEnlight-2-16Daddy Danish

“A few years ago the city adopted a new motto, At leger er at leve (To play is to live) – appropriate for somewhere which claims more than 120 parks and 250 playgrounds”

Enlight-2-19A big thank you to Jette and her team for showing us around.

Made in Jeddah, Thamir from Saudi Arabia

Posted by Jeroen | 11 april 2016


This is Thamir

age: 27
from: Jeddah with 3,4 million inhabitants the second city in Saudi Arabia

in Groningen since: september 2013
finalizing: master in Biomedical Engineering
starting: Phd at the UMCG
bicycle: second hand brown Gazelle

On Hospitality: “I find Dutch people friendly to some level.”


likes: Hoornsemeer waterside and the architecture of the Academy Building
eating out: Thai Jasmine, burgers at Papa Joe and pancakes on a ship: Pannekoekenschip.
going out: De Pintelier and De Uurwerker
shopping: Scotch & Soda, Men at Work.


from home: traditional food, warm weather, having my own car.
in Groningen: malls, international restaurants chains such as TGIF, Nando’s and Cheese Cake Factory.

Saudi Community

There are about 160 people, the majority are medical students.
There is Saudi Student Club in Groningen.

spotted! Aziza & Archie

Posted by Jeroen | 6 april 2016

Enlight-10Double power! Siblings Aziza (19) and Archie (21) from Djakarta, Indonesia rock.While Archie is already here since August 2014, studying International Business at the University, ‘little’ sister Aziza will move in september for Arts, Culture, Media studies. Why Groningen? “Loving the chill vibes here.”

Follow Aziza & Archie on Instagram: @narenddraarchie & @n.ayza

Do check Aziza’s blog as well: 


What are you wearing?
bomber, shirt: vintage                                                      
ankle boots and sweater:
mom jeans: 
Pull & Bear
Thrasher Magazine
some random store in Korea

coat: Eleven Paris
selvidge denim: Japan Blue JB04-S01
sneakers: Nike Dunk Low Supreme
t-shirt: Urban Classics
shirt: vintage
socks: Topman

How would you describe your style?
Archie: “Laidback, street style vintage x whatever-is-on-discount-at-the-store.”
Aziza: “Street 90’s grunge for the most part, but I always like to switch things up and embody a certain character/style everyday.”

Favorite fashion labels?
Archie: “Nike.”
Aziza: “I don’t really have one, just anything from a flea market basically.”

What are your favorite spots in Groningen for…
shopping: Vintage stores and Men at Work | Herestraat 76
groceries: Toko Melati | Gedempte Zuiderdiep 126 for your daily ketjap and keroepoek needs
Indonesian food: Warung Jawa | Gedempte Zuiderdiep 110
coffee: Black and Bloom | Oude Kijk in’t Jatstraat 32
lunch: Hasret Kebabs
diner: Pernikkel | Aweg 2
nightlife: Vera | Oosterstraat 44

What’s missing here?
Archie: “Real clubs and good music, sadly.”

Is there a Indonesian community here?
“Yes! And it’s a huge one! Groningen has probably the largest Indonesian student society in The Netherlands, it’s called PPI Groningen (Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia di Groningen). We usually organize sports, cultural, and social events. There’s even a website and Facebook page dedicated for it, check it out.”

Your Djakarta tip?
“Definitely the food, most especially is sop kaki kambing. It’s a melting pot of the best flavors you can find in the whole archipelago.”

About last week 27/3 – 2/4

Posted by Jeroen | 3 april 2016

Sunday, 27 March
healthy start………


  • New Fries in Town: De Frietwinkel, Folkingestraat 63. Blog
  • Top frituur aan de Folkingestraat 63. Blog


  • We spotted this dead cat. Freaky Fiesta. More cats, alive and well, but behind windows at this instagram account: @raamkattenvangroningen.

Monday, 28 March
add some dough

smaakarena macaron

  • We met Alvaro Anjos & Sarena Solari who will team up and organize baking courses. More info via: Smaakaron
  • Alvaro Anjos en Sarena Solari organiseren binnenkort samen bakworkshops. Check de website van Alvaro: Smaakaron

Tuesday, 29 March
we’re in Velotropolis

Wednesday, 30 March

  • A bit of history. Cycling in 1919 in Groningen
  • Historie! Fietsen in 1919, van de Ebbingebrug naar de Grote Markt

  • Testing playgrounds at Martinikerkhof
  • Gedragswetenschappers van de RUG testen deze speelblokken op het Martinikerkhof. Meer over spelen: Spelen in Stad

Thursday, 31 March
The oven is hot…….

Oven en Stoven Enlight-8

  • Already open for a few months, this little food shop for Take Away and Home Delivery. It’s called Oven & Stoven (Oven & Stewing) and is located at Nieuwe Ebbingestraat 60 in front of Elmer’s Groningen.
  • Volledig gemist, maar al een paar maanden geopend: Oven & Stoven waar je gezonde maaltijden (groot en klein) ophaalt of thuis laat bezorgen (bestellen kan ook via een eigen app!). Heerlijk en eerlijk eten, ook qua prijs. Van de makers van Elmer’s Groningen aan de Nieuwe Ebbingestraat 60. Aanrader! Binnenkort een uitgebreider blog.

Friday, 1 April

  • For your to do list: visit the free exhibition “Encounters along the Yangze, a journey by Ruben Terlou through China” at Noorderlicht Photography, Akerkhof 12.
  • Doen: bezoek de gratis tentoonstelling ‘Ontmoetingen langs de Yangtze’ van Ruben Terlou (van de VPRO documentaireserie Langs de Oevers van de Yangtze). Waar? Noorderlicht Photography Akerkhof 12.

Coming soon: bicycle café Spaak | Oude Boteringestraat 66

Saturday 2 April 2016
#nieuweoogst: Pronk


  • New grand café and restaurant: Pronk