inspiration Hanami in Groningen

Posted by Jeroen | 3 mei 2016

160503-gorechtkade.bloesem-eCelebrate Spring at Batsu

The blooming period of Japan’s beloved sakura (cherry blossoms) is mostly end of March when the Japanese celebrate spring with hanami – cherry-blossom viewing- under the trees. Almost a month later cherry blossoms bloom in Groningen and streets are wrapped up in pink. But we seem to take it for granted and hey this is not Japan. But for those who do feel a bit of celebrating spring and Japanese culture: head over to one of the best shops in the city: Batsu. This unique shop is now filled with beautiful Japanese wrapping cloth a.k.a Furoshiki. Use it to wrap everything: gifts, your lunchbox, or as a hand bag, or for your shopping and say sayonara to plastic bags.
Furoshiki bag rings to spice up your bag ↑
The Furoshiki Handbook ↑

  • adress
    Pottebakkersrijge 4
    9718 AE Groningen
  • mobile: 06-47320056
  • website:
    facebook: /Pottebakkersrijge
  • hours: wed-fri 12.00 – 18.00 & sat: 11.00 – 17.00
  • cash only
    wrapping paper available