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spotted! Aziza & Archie

Posted by Jeroen | 6 april 2016

Enlight-10Double power! Siblings Aziza (19) and Archie (21) from Djakarta, Indonesia rock.While Archie is already here since August 2014, studying International Business at the University, ‘little’ sister Aziza will move in september for Arts, Culture, Media studies. Why Groningen? “Loving the chill vibes here.”

Follow Aziza & Archie on Instagram: @narenddraarchie & @n.ayza

Do check Aziza’s blog as well: 


What are you wearing?
bomber, shirt: vintage                                                      
ankle boots and sweater:
mom jeans: 
Pull & Bear
Thrasher Magazine
some random store in Korea

coat: Eleven Paris
selvidge denim: Japan Blue JB04-S01
sneakers: Nike Dunk Low Supreme
t-shirt: Urban Classics
shirt: vintage
socks: Topman

How would you describe your style?
Archie: “Laidback, street style vintage x whatever-is-on-discount-at-the-store.”
Aziza: “Street 90’s grunge for the most part, but I always like to switch things up and embody a certain character/style everyday.”

Favorite fashion labels?
Archie: “Nike.”
Aziza: “I don’t really have one, just anything from a flea market basically.”

What are your favorite spots in Groningen for…
shopping: Vintage stores and Men at Work | Herestraat 76
groceries: Toko Melati | Gedempte Zuiderdiep 126 for your daily ketjap and keroepoek needs
Indonesian food: Warung Jawa | Gedempte Zuiderdiep 110
coffee: Black and Bloom | Oude Kijk in’t Jatstraat 32
lunch: Hasret Kebabs
diner: Pernikkel | Aweg 2
nightlife: Vera | Oosterstraat 44

What’s missing here?
Archie: “Real clubs and good music, sadly.”

Is there a Indonesian community here?
“Yes! And it’s a huge one! Groningen has probably the largest Indonesian student society in The Netherlands, it’s called PPI Groningen (Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia di Groningen). We usually organize sports, cultural, and social events. There’s even a website and Facebook page dedicated for it, check it out.”

Your Djakarta tip?
“Definitely the food, most especially is sop kaki kambing. It’s a melting pot of the best flavors you can find in the whole archipelago.”

spotted! Kimberly

Posted by Jeroen | 28 maart 2016



heels: Klein Berlijn vintage market
socks: Forever 21
jeans and belt: second hand H&M’s jeans via Mamamini
cropped sweater: Monki
jacket: DIY. It was a vintage dressing gown from Deptford Market but I shortened it.
sunglasses: River Island
backpack:  JanSport

Meet lovely ultra cool Kimberly, a 20 years old medicine student and blogger from London.
We ♥ Kimberly’s spring street style.
Check her Clothes Hose blog and follow @kimberbubs on Instagram.
She’s got a great taste for music too. This is what she was listening to when we bumped into her.


How would you describe your style?
“I like to look completely different from one day to the next, I’ll wear these jeans like this, then maybe next time just with a t-shirt and trainers (like the outfit of a little boy!) and I also love late 1970s punk style. Normally there is someone in my head that I am channelling :)
On the other side of the coin I study in the hospital so most of the time I have to look a bit more friendly and professional. On these days I like 50’s and 60’s style work wear.
So yeah, all eras and changing every day.”

Wishlist for Summer 2016?
“I’m gong to a lot of British festivals volunteering with Oxfam so I really just want a tent with a good ground sheet.”

Favorite fashion labels?
“Oh I don’t have the money for any real labels, but then I also have guilt about throwaway fashIon and sweatshop labour so I avoId everythng by mostly buying second hand. However, the designer that I would love to buy from is Clio Peppiatt. She has beautiful clothes, is from my neck of the woods and involved in lots of important causes like FGM prevention and counseling.”

ss16 campaign for Clio Peppiatt. Photo: Amelia Karlsen

Coming from a fashion capital, how would you describe the locals clothes style?
“Well in London lots of people look the same but there are more people so you see the weird and wonderful ones a bit more. Here you have to find them. I think the Dutch style is very effortless and cool and I love the norm-core aspect with all the fluffy grey polo necks and long coats. I am definitely craving more days in perfect simple clothes when I am here. London women can do this style too but there are more subcultures represented there.”

And the boys dress sense?
“There are very few boys here that dress really well, I like it when men think a bit outside the box but here it is all very predictable. Although I was at a Northern Soul Evening in Vera last night where lot of the guys had made a real effort, really cool.”


second hand shopping: Mamamini, Goud Goed and Mijn Tafel.
fashion: Stardust is hipster and I can’t afford it but I love it anyway.
shop: Danish shop Søstrene Grene is the best for home wares, art supplies and tea.
lunch: De Soepwinkel is really good soup, generous with bread and close to the library.
for a break: De Uurwerker does the very best hot chocolate, its like a whole desert.
diner: I’m a student so De Pastafabriek, because it’s cheap, delicious and relatively healthy. De Herbivoor is also really good and the people there are so lovely.
nightlife: Vera, The GYM makes me feel so underground and kewl, Warhol. De Drie Gezusters / Three Sisters is a cliche but as long as you don’t go into the middle sister it feels like you’re in a film from the 20’s, but with more t-shirts and drunk Irish people.

geheimtip: Het Concerthuis is really good for all meals (their breakfast is vast and amazing) and lovely for meeting for drinks.

sostrenegrene              herbivoor             Vera

spotted! The Roaring Fanny’s

Posted by Jeroen | 11 maart 2016

From left to right Fiona, Wendy and Jacqueline

Look what the Cat dragged in: Fiona, Wendy and Jacqueline a.k.a Roaring Fanny Productions! We spotted these English Roses at Bartista Coffee, anxiously waiting to go see the David Bowie IS exhibition at the Groninger Museum. It was Jaquelines birthday, but we’re not allowed to share more details concerning her age. Fiona: “Our combined ages are nine hundred and none of your business!”


How did you travel to Groningen?
We flew in from London Southend Airport to Groningen on Flybe which was a very small plane the same size as Major Tom’s capsule which was appropriate as we had come to see David Bowie Is.

Was it good, David Bowie Is?
The exhibition was and is a stunning, moving and rich experience in a beautiful setting.

Where did you get your beauty sleep?
We had pre booked the Hampshire Hotel which was recommended on the Exhibition site and it was wonderful, the rooms were lovely as were the staff and the fire to sit by while we got very merry on beer and wine.

Groningen Gastronomy?
We ate at Chi Chi in the evenings and various cafe’s throughout the day, all the food was delicious from the big meals to the cookie in the cafe with the coffee and the cat where we caught your camera’s eye. All were great, clean, lovely service, comfortable with great design and flare. Everyone was very welcoming in spite of our loud madness and English space oddities.

We all had a great experience and would come back to Groningen again, lovely people,lovely architecture, lovely shopping. Big bikes, barges and Bowie……..what more could you want from a city break.

THNX Darlings, come back soon!

spotted! Deniz x Raf Simons

Posted by Jeroen | 4 maart 2016
↑ music playing: Memphis Phonk

vintage shirt: via Stardust
jeans: H&M
bagpack: Herschel, via Revert95
socks: Nike
sneakers: Adidas x Raf Simons Terrex via Marktplaats

Dit is Deniz, 18 jaar uit Roden en onderweg naar z’n stageadres bij rapper/ontwerper Roelie Vuitton. Deniz studeert mediavormgeving aan het Alfa-college, dat snappen we, want deze jongen heeft smaak. Volg hem op Instagram: @denizfatihyilmaz en Tumblr: phonkaintdead.

Meet Deniz, 18 year old Media & Design student from Roden. Spotted on his way to his internship at rapper / designer Roelie Vuitton. The boy has taste -check the sneakers- and follow him on Instagram:@denizfatihyilmaz and Tumblr: phonkaintdead.


Hoe omschrijf je je stijl?
“Vandaag droeg ik een heel simpele outfit, lekker comfortabel, daar had ik zin in. M’n favoriete merken: A Bathing Ape (Japanse streetwear), Supreme (skatewear uit NYC) and Palace (UK skatewear). En ik houd erg van sneakers.”

How would you describe your style?
“Today I felt like wearing something simple and comfy. My favorite street and skate wear brands: A Bathing Ape from Japan, Supreme from NYC and UK brand Palace.”

Welke sneakers draag je?
“Ik ben een tijdje geobsedeerd geweest door de Nike Air Max. Heb er nu 7 paar, waaronder  gebroken witte A.P.C. x Air Max 1 en de Air Max 1 OG uit 2012. Zou heel graag meer Raf Simons x Adidas schoenen willen hebben, maar die liggen een beetje buiten m’n budget. Daarom zoek ik nu een paar Bapesta‘s met lekker felle kleuren voor in de zomer. Andere favoriet: BAPE Roadsta.”

What sneakers you wear?
“I’ve been obsessed for a while by the Nike Air Max. I own 7 pairs, including off white APC x Air Max 1 and Air Max 1 OG from 2012. Would love to have more Raf Simons x Adidas, but they’re a little out of my budget. For summer I’m looking for Bapesta with nice bright colors. Another favorite: BAPE Roadster.”

photo via @denizfatihyilmaz

050 Favorieten?
Skatestore | Gelkingestraat 37.
“Een tijdje terug ontdekte ik De Uurwerker. De broodjes zijn hier erg lekker en de sfeer is goed.”

Groningen Favorites?
“For shopping: Skatestore | Gelkingestraat 37. For lunch, try De Uurwerker which I recently discovered.”

Skatestore | Gelkingestraat 37

Wat mist Groningen?
“Wat meer ruimdenkendheid en onbevooroordeelde mensen.”

What does the city need?
“More open-minded people.”

Over 5 jaar….?
“Verdien ik m’n geld met het maken van videos bij muziek waar ik van houd.”

In 5 years?
“I earn my money by making music videos.”

spotted! Tjade & Martijn

Posted by Jeroen | 6 februari 2016

Martijn Tjade Enlight1-4

M A R T I J N, 21
student Commerciële Economie Hanzehogeschool, stagiair en afstuderen bij
XITE en VIP host at Ziggo Dome

sneakers: Clarks, Trigenic via De Bijenkorf
jeans + sweatshirt: Cheap Monday, via Weekday, Amsterdam
shirt: River Island
coat: Zara
bag: from the BF
hair: by Ben at Moustache Barbershop
T J A D E, 18 

student vormgeving productpresentatie, Vakschool voor Verbeelding,
Cibap in Zwolle, nu stage bij stylist Im Fong Liu 

sneakers: Puma G.Vilas
jeans: from Budapest
coat: Pull & Bear, online Black Friday sale
favorite striped shirt: Zara
white shirt: H&M

Meet Martijn & Tjade

Op de valreep voor de verhuizing naar Amsterdam liepen we Martijn -el ginger- en Tjade -el blonde- tegen het lijf. De jongens hadden net een kop koffie gedronken en een (air)plantje voor hun nieuwe huis gekocht bij één van hun favoriete hangouts: Holtbar. Martijn gaat aan de slag bij de afdeling Sales & Branded content van XITE, het grootste jongeren muziekzender van Nederland, Tjade als stylist bij Im Fong Liu. Knap stel! image


Wat gaan jullie missen in Groningen?
“Lange zomeravonden met vrienden in het Noorderplantsoen met stokbrood en rosé!”

24 uur Groningen, where to go?
Lunchen bij Het Bakkerscafé | Zwanenstraat 26 of Het Concerthuis | Poelestraat 30
Coffee, warme chocolademelk + marshmallows and lekkere taartjes ♥ bij Holtbar | Oude Kijk in’t Jatstraat 20
Pizza bij De Pastafabriek | Stoeldraaierstraat 25
Stappen in Paradigm | Helsinkistraat 6 of &ZO | Poelestraat 53

Bakkerscafe Enlight1-4
↑ favorite place for lunchHoltbar Enlight1-4
↑ favorite place for coffee & cakes

Hoe gay tolerant is deze stad?
Martijn: “Groningen is erg tolerant. Ik heb me eerlijk gezegd nooit onveilig gevoeld in Groningen. Wanneer wij hand-in-hand lopen, kijken mensen af en toe wel raar, maar dat houd je jammer genoeg toch. Het zou fijn zijn als men 2 mannen hand-in-hand net zo zouden zien als bij een man en vrouw. Op de Hanzehogeschool speelt het totaal niet dat ik homo ben. Het wordt daar compleet geaccepteerd.”

Is er (nog) een gay-scene in Groningen?
“In Groningen heb je De Kast en Ganymedes en veel gays gaan met elkaar om. We hebben uiteraard wel vrienden die op jongens of vriendinnen die op meisjes vallen, maar ook vrienden die straight of bi zijn. Maar we zitten niet in een ‘gay community’. Af en toe gaan we naar De Kast en vinden het leuk om daar te dansen en af en toe een kus te geven, zonder erbij na te hoeven denken. Net zo graag gaan we naar &ZO of Paradigm.”

Concerthuis Enlight1-4
↑ favorite place for lunch&zo Enlight1-4
↑ favorite place for dancing & drinking

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