spotted! Harold

Posted by Jeroen | 19 november 2015

Harold | 19 years | from Leiden, currently in Groningen | student Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, internship at Club Guy & Roni


coat – Peek & Cloppenburg Amsterdam
pants – H&M
sweater and shirt – Vintage shop
bag – from a shop in Leiden

Meet Harold!
But maybe you do this cool guy, because het was on national tv last year, at RTL’s Everybody Dance Now. See him perform live. Tonight! Harold will perform 19 November at the Let’s Gro opening, 19.30 Grote Markt, Groningen.


How would you describe you style?
“Neat casual.”

Where do you buy your dancewear?
“As a dancer, I often wear shorts because I think it’s cool to show my long legs. I buy my dancing clothes everywhere and nowhere: H&M, Zara, Bershka, Jack and Jones, Pull & Bear!”

You are ‘new in town’, what are your impressions so far?
love it! Esspecially the Grote Markt where I will dance at the opening of the Let’s Gro Festival.”

How long are you staying?
“11 months, I do anĀ internship at Club Guy and Roni, a famous dance company from Groningen.

In 5 years time I will….?
“Be a professional dancer in a dance company or musical!